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It is located in Gerede district of Bolu province, the heart of nature. You can stay away from city life and stay in Gerede, which has the same vegetation, weather conditions and nature as Bolu. You can enjoy the natural beauties of Bolu by taking advantage of its clean air and proximity to nature and breathe its fresh air.

Special Day
You can choose our hall prepared with a special menu for you on all special occasions that open the door to new beginnings such as graduation, birthday, engagement and circumcision.
Elifim Resort Hotel is ready for you on your wedding day, which is the most meaningful and unforgettable of new beginnings. On this meaningful big day, we are always ready to make you feel special.
Meeting & Congress
Elifim Resort Hotel meeting and congress hall, which you can safely choose for congress, seminar, dealer meeting, product launch and all social organizations, is a spacious place where you can devote your time to your business.
Elifim Resort Hotel is 5 km from Esentepe ski resort, which is covered with snow for five months of the year, and 30 km from Kartalkaya Ski Center. You can reach ski resorts with shuttle tours, and enjoy snow and skiing with the skipass card. You can enjoy nature by taking walks in the trekking areas in Gerede and Bolu.


The rich food menu, local and national tastes are prepared and presented to you in the restaurant of Elifim Resort Hotel in accordance with everyone's taste. Enjoy all these flavors, whether in our restaurant or in your room.
Bath & Sauna
You can have a healthy skin with the scrub and foam baths we will apply in the Turkish Bath, and you can get rid of the stress and problems of the day with the sauna, sweating and relaxing in a warm, humid and wooden room. (Coming soon at your service)
Spa & Fitness
You can continue your sports activities and benefit from our spa services without losing your form in our fitness center, which is regularly cleaned during your stay. (Coming soon at your service)
During your stay at our hotel, you can take advantage of our indoor pool as you wish. You can swim, play water games and enjoy the pool at certain times of the day in our daily maintained and cleaned pool. (Coming soon at your service)